A weekend in Oxford

We have just returned from a wonderful weekend away in Oxford visiting my boyfriends sister at her university. I hadn’t been to Oxford in years so I was excited to visit the city again and see his sister.

Christ Church War Memorial Garden

It was such a sunny, but chilly, day which made Oxford look extra special. There were quite a few graduation ceremonies going on in the city as well which was pretty cool to see. A big day for some of the smartest people in the country!

There was one spot of Oxford that I had seen whilst we were on the bus into the city centre and that was a really pretty river. It looked so picturesque that I wanted to go back and get a shot of it, especially whilst the sun was out.

Now neither of us knew Oxford at all and so the river could literally have been anywhere. I opened up my Maps app and found the closest river and bridge to where we currently were and hoped that it would be the one I saw.

It wasn’t the one. BUT it still was pretty beautiful.

River Thames

We packed so much into two and a half days the time just flew. Junkyard Golf (in Westgate shopping centre), StreetFood (Westgate shopping centre)…can you tell we spent a lot of time shopping? The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum, Oxford Fireworks Display, The Covered Market, it was such a fun weekend.

Here are some more of my favourite images from the weekend.

Christ Church

Science Museum

Covered Market

Radcliffe Camera

Radcliffe Camera


Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum

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