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Personal Branding Photography

Lets get you noticed


What is Personal Branding Photography?

Personal Branding Photography focuses on you; the entrepreneur, the person behind the business. It's all about creating a meaningful connection between you and your customers.

Personal Branding Photography is more than just a headshot. It's a way of showcasing your personality and your brand. 

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Why is Personal Branding Photography important for your business?

People BUY from people

You become more trustworthy

It helps you make the BEST first impression

You would have heard this phrase time and time again and that's because it is true!


 People buy from people they like so how can you expect someone to buy your service or product if they know nothing about you? Your personality is what 'hooks' people in, so show it off!

Getting in front of a camera can be scary, I get that! (That's why I stay behind the camera!) but it shows you mean business.

Uploading a selfie onto your website doesn't really cut it these days. Having professional imagery of yourself shows that you're serious about your brand.

If a potential customer finds your website but can't see anything about the person behind the brand, how can they be sure you are a legitimate person selling a service or product?

Build that trust by showing who you are.




Mindfullness Coaches


Graphic Designers

Business Coaches



Web Designers




Make Up Artists



It doesn't matter what you do.

If you run a business, showcase yourself!


How does it work?

I know it can be daunting standing in front of a camera, and even more daunting doing it in front of a stranger which is why I offer a FREE 20-minute consultation via video call. It's important we feel comfortable with each other and I can find out exactly what you are after.

Once you've decided to book in with me, I send a simple contract out with deposit information to secure the date. Alongside this, a link to a private Pinterest board will be attached where you can add the style of images you love.

Shoot day arrives and we head to the location of your choice. Depending on the package you have chosen we will spend anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours getting the perfect brand shots for you.

Within 3-5 days you will receive your images for you to use however you wish!


- 1 hour session in a location of your choice

- 1 Outfit 

- Private Pinterest Board

- 15 images

High &  Low Resolution

- Standard Image Use License


- 2 hour session 

- 2 Locations

(within reasonable distance)

- Private Pinterest Board

- Outfit Change

- 30 images

High & Low Resolution

- Standard Image Use License

£ 340




Showing Up




'Abi was the perfect balance of friendly and professional. She made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera and I was over the moon with the photographs she did for me!

Sophie Williams, Sophie Sketches

AbigailHobbsPhotography: Sophie00003.jpg
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