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Treasure Trails – Porthcurno

Treasure trails have been a firm favourite of mine for the past couple of years ever since my boyfriend introduced me to them when we met. It is such a brilliant concept – you put your postcode in online and it lists all the treasure trails in your area. Pick one, purchase, print and go!


Obviously there is no pot of gold at the end of the trail or a box full of jewels but the point of the trails are to get you outdoors exploring parts of the UK you wouldn’t necessarily do. Everybody stays on the same path, heads to the tourist spots and don’t necessarily want to explore hidden gems. Treasure trails gets you off the beaten track and some of my favourite walks I have done in Cornwall have been found through the trails.

Somehow we’re only 3 months away from Christmas (where has this year gone?!) so between working I have been trying to get outside and make the most of the last bit of nice weather we see before the cold dark winters set in.


I’ve seen so many posts about a beach called Pedn Vounder in Cornwall, not far from Penzance. I live about an hour and half away from there so it was never a place I could just quickly drive too and visit. I also didn’t want to drive all that way and just stay on a beach for an hour so we got on the Treasure trail website and found the Porthcurno trail.


I have to admit we did get a bit lost at times and the treasure trails seem to have recently got 10x harder so there were a couple of answers we didn’t get meaning we couldn’t ‘find the treasure’ however it was a really nice walk in the mean time so we didn’t care that we hadn’t found the answer.

Below are more photos from a beautiful day out. We’re currently dealing with Storm Callum so looking back at these sunny photos is making me very sad!

A x


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