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The Cornish Larder

Cornwall is a wonderful place to live but opportunities within the creative industry I personally find quite challenging. Every time I look on job sites I see the PERFECT job being advertised…the issue? It’s hours away.

Wildlife photography has always and will continue to always be my passion but financially I have to look at the bigger picture. Can I earn a good income from that? Yes, I’m sure I could however right now I just don’t think I am in the stage of my life where I can devote days upon days photographing wildlife with the hope of selling a few shots.

This is where The Cornish Larder (TCL) steps in.

A few months ago my partner set up his own business (TCL) putting his own skillset to use and creating and selling homemade preserves. He takes some of our favourite Cornish ingredients and combines them into his own unique recipes to produce these little jars of goodness.

When the idea first came about I set to work on designing a logo for him as I am qualified in InDesign and wanted to put some of those skills to use. It really didn’t take long at all. We knew we wanted it to be classy but eye-catching and not old fashioned. We also wanted there to be a strong Cornish theme. I tried different things such as using old mines (one of the things Cornwall is famous for) and even pasties but when the idea of a surfer came into my head I knew it would be that.

The Cornish Larder Logo 2018.png

Creating the logo I really enjoyed which made realise that even though right now I don’t have a photography job, some of the things I did learn at University are useful, such as the qualification in Adobe InDesign.

Learning about another form of photography where you really have control over whatever you’re photographing is completely different to what I’m used too however it is enjoyable. Finding ways to photograph the products in new and exciting ways is a challenge which I enjoy.

When TCL first began, we were selling an array of different things. Fudge (I wish he still made it so I could raid the fridge at night after coming home from work!), Nuts (again, delicious), Shortbread and then a couple of different flavours of preserves.

White Chocolate Fudge
frostednuts tcl (1 of 1)-3
DSC_0031St Ives Food Festival

This was the first set of packaging that Jake and me designed and also the first set of product shots I had taken. I wanted it to be quite homely and rustic.

In terms of the ‘studio’ shot, I was pretty pleased with it considering it wasn’t taken in a studio.  I literally used the bottom and back of a white plastic tray and lit it using natural light. A little bit of post production (just adjusting the light a bit more) and that was the final result.

A few months after these were taken we had a complete overhaul of products and design and decided to just do preserves. This meant another set of photos needed to be taken!


I wanted to include the bottles of alcohol that we were combining into the preserves so it would be eye catching and attract people. If they see a product they love next to one of ours, hopefully it would entice people to purchase or look more into us.

As we are a Cornish business it made sense to take some products to the beach and get shots of the jars surrounded by the sand. These shots were also good for the product images for the website.


If you want to contact me regarding product photography then please don’t hesitate to fill in the form below:

Or similarly, contact me via my email address:

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