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Storm Callum – Porthleven

It was only a matter of time until winter began to close in on the UK. Besides, we had been pretty spoilt with the summer this year, especially in Cornwall.

Storm Callum had been on the radar from the beginning of the week and after hibernating away from it as it began to wreak havoc I decided to make the most of my days off from work and switch my bed and netflix for my trekking boots and 40mph winds.


I started Saturday morning off by going onto the Magic Seaweed website ( and researching where in Cornwall had the biggest waves. Newquay is normally where I go when I want to head towards the coast however the waves weren’t looking so good. I typed in Porthleven and literally jumped out of bed to get ready quickly… 12-16ft waves!!!


As you can see I wouldn’t say they were anything like magic seaweed described. I was so excited to get there, turned up and they were just standard stormy waves! Great news for the locals but I was turning up hoping to get shots of the waves crashing over walls etc lol.

The wind was ridiculously strong and at times I struggled to walk against it. They put a rope along the harbour to stop people from walking right along as it was really dangerous however it didn’t stop people from walking to the end for the sake of a ‘selfie’.


There was only so much of standing in the gales we could take so we soon found a lovely little cafe to warm up in and have a hot drink and some cake! It was delicious and just what we needed.

You can find more from the afternoon below!

A x


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