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St Ives Gin

Last week I received a message about photographing some gin for St Ives Gin. In particular, their Blood Orange Gin.

I've been wanting to expand my portfolio over the past few weeks and have been posting endlessly about new shoots I have been doing. It seems to be working which is a good sign!

The only thing I got told was that they wanted a woodland, wintery kind of vibe. I went home for a few days last week and so I knew exactly the place to take the photos.

I did the shoot in a place called Ludshott Common which has been a part of my mine and my mums life for 11 years. It's the place where we walk our dog, Alfie, so we know it like the back of our hands.

At this time of year the autumn colours are ridiculously beautiful and it matched perfectly with the colour of the gin.

St Ives Gin

It was really fun getting to experiment and place the bottle in different locations to see what worked and what didn't.

My mum was such a great help and I think she enjoyed helping with getting props and carrying things. She was so obsessed with ferns, everything had to have ferns in it!

Below are some more photos!

I had to pop a photo of Alfie in here somewhere, he was a great help as well that day 😂

If you are in need of some product shots (or pet portraits for that matter) then don't hesitate to contact me via my email:

Thats me done for now but i've got another blog post coming out in a couple of days so keep an eye out for that.

A x

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