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Snow Days in Cornwall

It’s mid March and i’m sat here writing about snow… Cornwall….

Yep, thats right, SNOW! To think 2 months ago I was in sunny Australia enjoying the summer out there and now for the SECOND time in two weeks, Cornwall has had a sweeping of snow.

The first time we had it a couple of weeks ago I didn’t even attempt to drive in it. The snow coated Cornwall so quickly it was not worth the risk of venturing out. I really wanted to get photos of Cornwall in the snow however I refused to take the chance of crashing my car or anything worse.

When the snow started arriving yesterday I was kinda excited – now was my chance to go and get some photos! I had been planning to see my best friend, Katie, that afternoon/evening anyway at Trelissick Gardens anyway and so it would now look extra pretty with all the snow on the ground.

For blog.jpg

Trelissick Gardens is a beautiful and popular place with or without snow. Evening strolls down to the river are always enjoyable and the views are so pretty. I’ve popped in a couple of photos from last Autumn to show what it looks like without snow.

We wandered around the gardens and down to the pebbled beach for about 40 minutes to look at the snowy views, by this point we were very cold!


I was surprised by how many people were out and about. The way England usually reacts when it snows is to all hibernate and not risk driving but people clearly didn’t want to miss out on the fun of sledging and also knew that the roads would be fine. There are big hills at the gardens and so I can imagine that sledging would have been pretty epic yesterday!






Anyway thought I’d pop an unexpected blog on here as snow in Cornwall is pretty unusual. The second part to my Australia blog will hopefully be up by Wednesday. Today will be spent finishing that to get it ready before I start work tonight!

Thanks for reading,

A x


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