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Remembrance Day: 100 years on

Today marks a historic day - 100 years since the treaty was signed and World War 1 came to an end.

Across the UK you probably would have seen that towns and villages have been marking the event in different ways. I live in a village called Probus in Cornwall and they have had numerous things going on over the past week.

My boyfriends mum is the Parish clerk and so I knew some of the plans for the week. One of the plans was that for the few days leading up to the 11th there would be a few volunteers dressed up in the military uniform that would have been worn in the first world war. It was really quite amazing to see!

There was also an exhibition set up in the village church with medals, telegrams and photos from the first world war. There is even a couple of tins with bullet marks on! I went a couple of days ago to get some photos of the volunteers and the exhibition.

We got up at 5.30am this morning to go and watch the lone piper in the middle of the square for 6am. A symbolic act of remembrance replicated across the UK.

At 11am we headed back up to the church for the service and silences before going home and heading to Perranporth beach to photograph the #pagesofthesea by Danny Boyle.

From 5pm there was a respectful re-enactment of three Probus men leaving for war. At 7pm the beacon was lit to symbolise the end of the darkness of war and returning to the light of peace.

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