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Portraits: Idless Woods & Crantock Beach

I’m gonna keep this blog short and sweet but I wanted to share with you one of my favourite photoshoots to date!

Portraits, as I have probably mentioned before, are very new to me so I decided to ask my friend if she would model for me so I could practice. This was especially helpful as it was the first time I was using my new Godox flash.


I always used to avoid the studio like it was the plague, I was that student that was either natural lighting or nothing so it was a pretty big step (and investment) for me to purchase the flash. Sitting here writing this blog post I am now awaiting a delivery of a portable studio set up that I purchased yesterday, I don’t know what is wrong with me! I am really excited for it to arrive and start playing around.

We headed to Idless Woods (where I also did the photoshoot with Emily and her pony Lola – check that blog out!) as I wanted to get an autumnal shot. About 10 minutes up the path from the car park we found a lovely wooded area with a wooden teepee that looked really cool.

I had been on Pinterest a few days before and saved a few shots for inspiration, mainly ones featuring ‘natural filters/effects’ in the images ie. leaves falling across the lens.

These were the results! It was literally the first time I had ever properly dedicated a photoshoot to portraiture and I was really pleased with the results.


A  few days after this I asked another friend if she would come to the beach with me so I could get some photographs by the sea. Her, her boyfriend and I headed to Crantock beach as at the time it was the only place I could think of that had decent sand dunes (theres plenty of other places with dunes but my brain just wasn’t working after a 9 hour shift from 6am)


Behind the scenes and some more from the shoots:


Me – photo my Sophie


Let me know what you think!

A x

All Rights Reserved ©Abigail Hobbs

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