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It’s been a while since I last wrote a post for my blog however I have been extremely busy. I have written a fairly short post on Paris just to show you something I have recently done and I am actually really pleased with the photos. Enjoy x

A couple of weekends ago a group of girls and myself went on a trip to Paris to celebrate three of theirs 18th. ( Happy Birthday). The trip was from Friday 7th to Sunday 9th November.

It was a busy weekend to say the least but one that I will not forget. Obviously one of the main attractions to visit whilst in Paris is of course the Eiffel Tower and it was the most amazing thing. It cost 4 euros to get onto the first two floors and a further 6 euros to go to the very top so 10 euros in total to go on one of the most famous landmarks in the world.

If you are thinking of going to Paris then the Eiffel Tower is an absolute must. The photos below were taken on my Sony A65 and my iPhone 5 by just sticking my camera through the wires and aiming it straight down. Obviously I had the camera securely around my wrist otherwise I definitely wouldn’t have risked doing it!!



Not only was it incredible during the day, at night it was spectacular. Once dark, the Eiffel Tower flashes for 5 minutes every hour and it was surprisingly emotional to watch. I didn’t think something like that could get to me but it really did! The atmosphere by the Eiffel Tower at night specifically is brilliant as well. Even at 11pm, hundred of people are there with their cameras and singing along with the street singers. It was as if the city never sleeps.


Another place we visited was the Champs Elysee’s and the ‘Love Lock’ Bridge. These in their own unique ways were just as special. Being the typical girls that we are, the shops along the  Champs E’lyee’s of course had to be incorporated into the trip and it was worth it.

The Love Lock Bridge was lovely to visit as well. It was really interesting actually and seeing locks that ranged from a few days old on the bridge to quite some years old was cool as well. It made you wonder whether some of these people that had put the locks on were still together or whether they had ventured off on separate paths. I didn’t know until visiting the bridge that from time to time they have to get rid of some of the panels along the bridge that hold to locks on due to a risk of the bridge collapsing. This is obviously sad however in the long term it’s better than losing the bridge all together!


From a photographer perspective, Paris is well worth a visit. There is always going to be the generic shots of the city however its the photos of people caught off guard working or the little side streets that don’t seem to have moved into the 21st Century that really capture the character that Paris holds. Even though we packed a lot into the 2 days / 3 nights I still feel as if there is so much more to look at and writing this post makes me even more excited to venture back there one day.

Below are some more photos from the trip. As I said above, some of the photos were taken on my Sony a65 and some on my iPhone 5. To edit these shots I used the app VSCO Cam. If you like my work feel free to look at my instagram : @astorywithinasquare from which you’ll find some more photos from Paris as well as some other photographic work I have done.

Thanks for reading! A x


Processed with Rookie

Processed with Rookie

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