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New Forest

For the past 10 days I have been back up country spending time with family and friends in Hampshire. Yesterday happened to be my mums birthday and so we spent the day in the New Forest with her, my stepdad, my boyfriend and our family dog, Alfie.


Our 10.5 year old pup! – Alfie

I hadn’t been there in years! The last time I remember going Alfie got bitten by a snake so we stayed well away from the area for a while and then I moved down to University. It was lovely going back there and seeing all the wildlife. Wild horses are of course a common site there which is so nice. They have the freedom to go wherever they want which means us drivers have to be extra vigilant!

We happened to be driving along one of the many roads to get to a walk we used to do all the time when we saw about 20 horses (thats no exaggeration there were SO many) galloping across a field and over the road, it was insane to watch! We ended up following them (where we could) in the car so I could get a decent enough photo but I ended up having to jump out and slowly make my way across the road towards the oncoming stampede!


We also went on a long walk (the name of the location has escaped me) but it was great! We came across a rope-swing which made for a lot of laughs.


lol sorry mum

As we were walking along we also came across this lovely pair, a mother and her foal. I just love how close they are whilst keeping one eye on me to make sure I wasn’t going to attack or something!


It was a wonderful day spent with family celebrating my mums birthday.

Happy Birthday Debs!

A x

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