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Am I actually sat here writing another blog post?! It’s about time! If I’m honest i’ve been in a bit of a lazy and unimaginative state over the past couple of months with a lack of motivation to do anything other than sit on my laptop and procrastinate for hours on end…


… times are changing and in the past few weeks myself and my course mates have been set a few more projects so that is beginning to take shape and motivate me…just a little!

One of the projects is Macro & Microscopy, both of which I am interested and fascinated by. Macro is mostly defined as ‘close up photography’ however for it to be defined as ‘macro’ it needs to be in a ratio of 1:1 or greater with the subject being photographed.

I’ve been shooting macro for what feels like years so it isn’t as much of a challenge as the Microscopy. Having only been recently introduced too it and inducted on the microscopes it is a whole new world, literally, which is exciting to explore and photograph. Everyday things from a banana skin, to a piece of an eyelash look like normal, uninteresting things, but place them under a microscope and the results are fascinating.

I am no master at Microscopy and the whole process of setting up the microscope takes me a good 20 minutes trying to get my head around all the stages but with practise I hope to improve on it!

I wanted to write a blog about this not only for friends and family too see, but also for myself so that I can look back on it and see how my Microscopy work develops over the next couple of years, as well as my opinions on it! Below are some recent shots I took using the Microscope.

I will definitely be more active on this blog over the coming weeks as I am going to Iceland next week which I am SO excited about so will definitely be posting some photos up etc.

Take care in the mean time!

A x


Fern Leaf- 10x Bright Field


Section of a Leaf- Dark Field 20x Magnification


Slice of Raspberry – Dark Field 10x Magnification


Sea Bass Scale- Phase 2 20x Magnification


Rose Petal- Bright Field 40x Magnification

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