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Interior Photography – Stepping out of my comfort zone!

It doesn’t matter what job we have, there is always some aspect of the role that we are slightly scared to approach! I have and always will be interested in photographing the outdoors however I am having to be realistic and to earn money from my photography I have to offer proper services that I may not have done before!

Photographing interiors has been something that I knew I wanted to try but up until a couple of weeks ago I never had the equipment to do so. I purchased a Godox V860II-N for my camera and set about practising on the furniture in the house so I could at least understand the basics of a flash!

My friend has recently set up a hair salon and needed photography and branding for it. Now I do not claim to be a graphic designer and don’t think I ever will however I offered to create the branding for her and this was the result! (Logo printed onto acrylic). I was pretty happy with it considering I have next to no experience within the design world. Doing my ACA Adobe InDesign course at Falmouth University definitely came in helpful with this!

Janey Paul Logo

The Logo I created for Janey Paul Hair Salon

It was pretty scary walking in there with what I felt was minimal equipment…literally a tripod, my Nikon D850 and my flash but it turns out that was all I really needed. The trigger may have been useful but I managed without. All I can say is thank goodness for the flash otherwise the photos would have been so noisy from having to have a high ISO!


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon


Janey Paul Hair Salon

I am aware that of course there is a long way to go however I am really pleased with my first proper professional interior shoot and can’t wait for another one to happen!

All the details for the salon can be found here:

Instagram: @janey_phairstudio

If you are based near Probus then do pop in and have your hair done, I’ve got an appointment on Thursday with her which I can’t wait for!

I also need to know how to improve on my interior photography so I would love any feedback – good or bad!

A x

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