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Equestrian Photography with EMD Eventing

On the last weekend of September I had the privilege of being able to photograph by friend/colleague alongside her beautiful horse Lola.

We had been planning on doing the photoshoot for ages and ages but both having busy schedules it didn’t happen for a while. Eventually we managed to set a date and we headed to Idless Woods on the outskirts of Truro.

I have done one other equestrian photoshoot with another friend and her pony however it was a couple of years ago and so I was still pretty nervous about it! It was nice being able to do this type of photography with my friend so there wasn’t as much pressure on me… obviously I tried to get the best possible photos but it wasn’t like a random person had employed me!

The weather was pretty cloudy but it was dry which was the main thing. I decided the woods would be a better option as being the weekend the beaches would have been pretty busy. We are hoping to plan a beach photoshoot with the horses at some point before the clocks go back as we want to get an early morning shot or an evening one when the beaches are quieter.

When I saw that it wasn’t overly sunny I was concerned that shooting in woodlands would be too dark and as I don’t have any fancy lighting just yet I didn’t want to have to bump my ISO above 500. Luckily Idless woods has some bright open spaces which we utilised.

We must have been there over an hour and somehow within that time I took over 400 photos?! I don’t even know how!!! It took me a while to sort through them and get them edited thats for sure!

I was so pleased with the final results.


Emily is a vlogger and regularly updates her growing followers on her social media about all things eventing and horses.

She vlogged her day with me which was lovely, that video can be found here:


The rest of Emily’s socials:



If you are interested in having me photograph you, your pets, your family, a wedding or pretty much anything then please don’t hesitate to contact me!

A x

All Rights Reserved. Please do not copy or download these images without prior consent.

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